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laptop Battery for HP Pavilion 14 15 240 250 255 340 355 350 For COMPAQ OA03 TPN-F112 TPN-Q129 TPN-Q130 TPN-Q131 TPN-Q132

laptop Battery for HP Pavilion 14 15 240 250 255 340 355 350 For COMPAQ OA03 TPN-F112 TPN-Q129 TPN-Q130 TPN-Q131

€ 12.94

, LTD VALENX ELECTRONICS CO. The company was established in 2008, 2009 passed the ISO9001 certification, and in 2009 successfully completed ISO9001 : 2008 upgrade. The company continued steady development, the existing staff of more than 100 people, mainly in Guangzhou, Dongguan and Shenzhen and other places. For interested customers, we can provide reference source code and welcome your suggestions and inquiries. In 2008, we got Atmel's technical support to enter the notebook battery manufacturing industry.1 V
Part Number : 746458-421 HSTNN-LB5 Y OA03 TPN-F112
Fit Laptop Model : for HP 240 G2 for HP CQ14 for HP CQ15 for HP Compaq Presario 15-h000 for HP Compaq Presario 15-S000 for HP Compaq Presario 15-S100 for HP Compaq Presario 15-D000 COMPAQ 14-A000 COMPAQ 14-S000 COMPAQ 15-A000 COMPAQ 15-A100 COMPAQ 15-H000 COMPAQ 15-S000 COMPAQ 15-S100 COMPAQ 15-S200 COMPAQ 15-S201 TX for HP 14-A101 TX for HP 14-D000 for HP 14-D100 for HP 14-G000 for HP 14-G100 for HP 14-R000 for HP 14-R100 for HP 14-R200 for HP 14 T-R000 for HP 14 T-R100 for HP 15-D000 for HP 15-D100 for HP 15-G000 for HP 15-G100 for HP 15-G200 for HP 15-G500 NC for HP 15-H000 for HP 15-R000 for HP 15-R100 for HP 15-R200 for HP 15 T-R000 for HP 15 T-R100 for HP 15 Z-D000 for HP 15 Z-G000 for HP 15 Z-G100 15-d010ca 15-d013ca 15-d017cl 15-d020ca 15-d020dx 15-d020nr 15-d021ca 15-d027ca 15-d027cl 15-d030nr 15-d035dx 15-d038ca 15-d040ca 15-d040nr 15-d045nr 15-d050nr 15-d051nr 15-d052nr 15-d053cl 15-d053nr 15-d054nr 15-d056nr 15-d057nr 15-d058nr 15-d059nr 15-d060nr 15-d068ca 15-d069wm 15-d071nr 15-d072nr 15-d073nr 15-d074nr 15-d075nr 15-d076nr 15-d079wm 15-d081nr 15-d082nr 15-d083nr 15-d089wm 15-d090nr 15-d049ee 15-d030ee 15-d027ee 15-d024ee 15-d049se 15-d048se 15-d048ee 15-d047ee 15-d043ee 15-d037ee 15-d025ee 15-d053ee 15-d002se 15-d056ee 15-d056se 15-d041se 15-d054ee 15-d054se 15-d047se 15-d053se 15-d037se 15-d031ee 15-d025se 15-d041ee 15-d000ee 15-d002ee 15-d008ee 15-d007ee 15-d003ee 15-d024se 15-d027se 15-d000se 15-d043se 15-d040se 15-d008se 15-d003se 15-d007se 15-d033se 15-d030se 15-d000sl 15-d001sl 15-d002sl 15-d003sl 15-d013sl 15-d001au 15-d004au 15-d005au 15-d006au 15-d011tu 15-d012tu 15-d014tu 15-d048tu 15-d049tu 15-d050tu 15-d051tu 15-d002ss 15-d020tu 15-d021tu VALENX ELECTRONICS CO. Our solution supports self programming, can use USB to update firmware, support your own code to replace our code( Before doing this, please carefully verify your own code ). Valenx Laptop battery 2008, atmega406 and atmega8 + LM358 power management solutions 2012, atmega16 HVB power management solution 2015, SINOWEALTH Electronic Ltd. SH79 F329 A power management solution We have all the copyright, all the solutions are using the same program framework for different MCU porting and optimization.


Ühilduva Brändi:
Mudeli Number:
oa03 15-h000 15-S000
Brändi Nimi:
Aku Pinge:
11.1 V
Aku Maht:
2501 - 3000 MAh
Tooted Staatus:
Aku rakke:
Sobivus teiste Mudel 1:
746458-421 HSTNN-LB5Y OA03 TPN-F112
Sobivus teiste Mudel 2:
240 G2 CQ14 CQ15 15-h000 15-S000

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